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elrow Return To Amnesia, Ibiza With 
 'Summer Of Love' For Virtual Opening Party

This Will Be The 3rd Stream From 
The 'elrowshow' Series, 
In Partnership With Desperados

Cuartero, Chelina Manuhutu, Francisco Allendes 
Manu Gonzalez, Mar-T

Sunday 7th June 2020
15hr GMT / 16hr CEST Start


Global entertainment powerhouse elrow, in collaboration with their party partners Desperados bring the show back home with their next live streaming event coming direct from Ibiza's iconic Amnesia - the home of elrow's residency on the white isle - on Sunday 7th June. 

Streaming live from Amnesia, 'elrowshow' will bring a virtual Ibiza Opening Party to bring a much needed slice of Ibiza action to those missing out. elrow's spririual Ibizan home, the world famous club will provide the perfect backdrop for the latest edition in the new streaming series from elrow and Desperados, which sees a focus on a more immersive experience of dance and performance. This will feature elrow's signature epic traits such as actors, decor, props and confetti, beamed direct into partygoers homes whilst clubs and large gatherings remain out of bounds. 

elrow bring to Amnesia the Summer Of Love theme, where they'll be welcoming everyone to 'elrowstock'. Get ready for a big dose of peace, love & elrow. Viewers will be transported into the wildest hippy commune ever, with free love, bare feet, dancing, guitars and peaceful connections. There will be tree hugging, flower hugging, hugging whatever and whoever, as long as we spread a bit of love and laughter.

Amnesia will be decorated with kaleidoscopically painted vans and caravans along with glowing psychedelic plants and a host of performers creating a sense of a real hippy commune, with peaceful demonstrators, guitar strumming hippies and flower power party people. Creating a summer of love soundtrack elrow style, Ibizan based DJs Cuartero, Chelina Manuhutu, Francisco Allendes, Manu Gonzalez & Mar-T step up to provide blissed out beats as well as some big basslines to get everyone dancing from a distance. 

elrowshow Amnesia, follows on from the incredible success of the first in the elrowshow series, streamed from Casa Batllo, one of Gaudi's greatest creations in Barcelona on 24th May. The stream was set within which received a staggering a staggering 5.8 million views from across the globe. 

Whilst we cannot dance together, we can still dance at distance and bring you a virtual Ibiza opening party live from Amnesia, one of the best clubs in the world.

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