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Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2020

elrow and Desperados VR EXPERIENCE

LEGENDARY CLUB BOOTSHAUS LAUNCH VR EXPERIENCE AND INVITE ELROW AND DESPERADOS TO KICK-OFF AND IGNITE THE PARTY  SPIRIT IN A WHOLE NEW DIMENSION - Iconic Bootshaus Club is recreated at scale in VR world for the first time for partygoers to experience from their homes. - Abstract artist Okuda San Miguel will transform space into surreal, colourful ‘Kaos Garden’ universe. - Party to be headlined by DJ Paco Osuna and elrow residents Andres Campo and Fer BR. AMSTERDAM, 19 NOVEMBER 2020 – Bringing some good news to dance music lovers all around the world, a new VR party experience will transport partygoers from their homes into one of Germany’s top clubs. Long-term partners Desperados and elrow are taking their lockdown-inspired virtual party series to the legendary Bootshaus for the launch of the virtual version of their world-famous club. In collaboration with VR company Sansar, the VR club will see big guests, massive takeovers and interactive functionality to bring the party to people’s